Background and introduction about Citizen Reporting Portal (CRP)

A significant number of children in Bangladesh are vulnerable to various forms of physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual violence and live without any direct protection, including death. Most of the violence against children cases goes unreported, for a number of reasons. The existing system of reporting violence against children is in the traditional form and that leads to delay of action against the violence cases of children. Still we do not have that much technology & tools to be able to report on cases that observed accordingly. Besides, limited option and system of case tracking and actions discourages citizens to report abuse and violence against children. On that view, Citizen Reporting Portal could be a platform for citizen for addressing the issue by reporting through utilization of web-based communication technology in Bangladesh. This reporting portal will fulfil the unmet needs of having a comprehensive system to report on violence against children, and contribute to making the response by government and non-government actors more effective though public engagement and advocacy by child rights organizations.

On that point of view, Save the Children International in Bangladesh (SCiBD) has been piloting a project titled ‘Citizen Reporting Platform’ from May 2016. The main objective of the citizen reporting platform project is- ‘to encourage citizens of Bangladesh to speak out and take actions to address violence against children in order to prevent future violence incidents through developing a digital reporting portal’. The 1st phase of CRP project has jointly developed and implemented by Shishuder Jonno SJ) Program and Child Protection Sector. Manabik Shahajya Sangstha-MSS as implementing partner of SJ has piloted CRP project at Rayerbazar, Dhaka. CRP lessons learnt accumulated only from urban slum area therefore, CRP has been extension of 2nd phase from July 2017 (onward) of piloting in rural and urban area in different locations. Currently, Child Rights Governance & Child Protection sector has been extension of working area in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Chapai Nawabganj and Naogoan districts where SCI’s different partner organization is implementing under Violence Against Children thematic activities.

Name of Implementing Partner Organization

  • 1. Breaking The Silence (BTS) - Dhaka North City Corporation, Thana: Pallabi, Ward no. : 05 (Millat Camp)
  • 2. INCIDIN Bangladesh- Dhaka, Thana: Komlapur, Mugda (including Maniknagar slam), Manda.
  • 3. Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)- Dhaka
  • 4. MAMATA- Chittagong: City Corporation: Ward no.: 13, 24, 25 & 37 no ward of CCC
  • 5. Association for Community Development (ACD)- Rajshahi City Corporation and Godagari Upazila. Chapai Nawabganj: Shibganj Upazila

Name of Technical Partner Organization

  • mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. has been providing all technical assistance and development of the Citizen Reporting Portal as a strategic partner of Save the Children.